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Data Protection Policy

1. Use of «Personal Data»:

1.1. By using this portal is requested to the user that previously provides to Lawyers of GAP – Advogados certain personal data to be referred to “personal data”.

1.2. The personal data protection policy this applies to all personal information collected electronically by Lawyers of GAP – Advogados.

2. Protective Distance:

2.1. The Lawyers of GAP – Advogados guarantees the protection of the right to protection of all personal data, in accordance with the provisions of Law No. 67/98 of 26 October (Personal Data Protection Act), which are provided voluntarily by its holder, user of this portal, and whose treatment is unambiguously agreed by this, and they are treated by the Lawyers of GAP – Advogados in a confidential manner, in accordance with national and Community legislation through employees or agents duly authorized is done.

2.2. The Lawyers of GAP – Advogados have established appropriate security measures, consistent with practices of national and international information, to protect your personal information. These include the portal and online technology that requires administrative, technical, physical and procedural safeguards to protect personal information from misuse, unauthorized access or disclosure, loss, alteration or destruction of them.

3. Holder Authorization:

3.1. The user authorizes the processing of such data and accepts the access to them by employees of Lawyers of GAP – Advogados any of the activities necessary to deliver the service.

3.2. Data transmitted to the Lawyers of GAP – Advogados, for this are incorporated and treated in a file of its responsibility, with the single purpose to manage the service requested by the client in order to comply with applicable legal requirements.

4. Data Subject Access:

4.1. The data subject may at any time exercise the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and deletion of your personal data, the user should direct your request to the e- mail or by mail to the address Avenida Fontes Pereira de Melo, N.o 15, 5 Dto, 1050-115 Lisbon, adding to his application, photocopy of the Citizen Card, passport or other valid document that identifies, in accordance with Law No. 67/98 – Data Protection Act of 26 October.

4.2. The users registered in the portal should exercise the rights of access and rectification of your data using its reserved area.

4.3. Verifying the case where the person has to provide third-party data (eg: witnesses, experts and other stakeholders) should inform them about the mentioned in the previous paragraph and get your consent before transmitting them to Lawyers of GAP – Advogados.

5. Effects by not Authorize the Use of Personal Data:

5.1. The user is free to provide or not provide the requested information, and authorize your treatment when you submit the completed form.

5.2. The user agree that not providing all the information requested, may not get the proper functioning of some present and/or future in the portal features and effectiveness of a subsequent sending, computer processing, consulting or contact.

6. Collection and Application of Personal Data and other Personal Information:

The user may provide personal data or other information in various ways, and they are collected by Lawyers of GAP – Advogados for various purposes, including:

The user can contact the Lawyers of GAP – Avogados through the form available at “office> Where We Are.” To this end, the Lawyers of GAP – Advogados asking the user information such as your name, email, subject and message, so the user can answer your questions and comments.

The data will be used to contact you in order to give response to the message sent.

The user can access the portal of Lawyers of GAP – Advogados to apply for a job or submit a spontaneous application by completing the form available in “Recruitment”.

To this end, the Lawyers of GAP – Advogados asking the user information such as name, address, telephone, e-mail, marital status, national origin, educational qualifications.
The user also has an optional space you can use to inform us of their leisure time and areas of interest, and leave some comments.
The information they provided in this field will be kept in a database managed by Lawyers of GAP – Advogados, which serves to assess the application submitted and execute the relevant contact in the event of interest.

By filling in a form of subscription/membership, the user, provide your name and e-mail.

The information provided in newsletter format will be used to inform you of current content in the field of law and justice.

7. Retention of Personal Data:

All personal data are kept by the Lawyers of GAP – Advogados while still in force the relationship between this company and its holders, or keep the order in which they were collected in order to allow identification of the holders up who have definitively ceased these relationships.

8. Obligations of those Involved in Data Processing:

8.1. Each of the entities involved in the processing of their data is required to comply with applicable laws on data protection, particularly with regard to security and confidentiality of your treatment.

8.2. Those responsible for the processing of personal data as well as the people in the exercise of their duties, have knowledge of them are bound by professional secrecy, under the law.

9. Cookie Policy:

9.1. The Lawyers of GAP – Advogados use cookies on its website in order to improve the user experience.

9.2. Cookies are small text files that are copied to your computer or device, when you access the portal via the browser you are using, with the task of helping the portal to recognize the device in the following uses.

9.3. The term cookies is used in this policy to refer the files that collect information in this way.

9.4. These files gather only generic information such as traffic source (route of research that users perform until you reach the page, the way they use and navigate the portal and geographic data that originate the page traffic, etc.), and not collect any user information that personally identifies you.

9.5. Cookies themselves only record information related to user preferences.

9.6. For a transparent process, the portal user can always request through the browser notification about the reception of cookies, or disable entering the system. It safeguards that disabling cookies may affect some features of the page.

9.7. The use of cookies allows a faster and more efficient navigation, removing the need for the user to repeatedly enter the requested information, and helps parameterize the interest, the number of website use.

10. Types of Used Cookies:

This type of files allow navigation on the website and use its features, such as access to specific areas and safe areas via login, so without the same features that require no longer available.

Allow us to analyze how users navigate the portal, monitoring system performance and provide a more efficient and rapid experience, helping to fix any problems immediately. Through these accrued data as the most page views, most viewed content, navigation flows and error messages.

Enable user preferences are stored and the data entered in fields for access to specific areas of the portal. For example, personal areas, user accounts or comments.

This type of file allows access count/views from applications or external elements such as advertising.

Analyze and direct advertising in accordance with the interests of each portal user, allowing you to limit the number of times an advertisement (banner) is “printed” to each user and can thus “run” multiple ads. These cookies also allow measure the views and number of hits to ads without identifying the user.

Provide a more personalized browsing, as are stored in the browser used and are always accessed the portal user visits the page, forwarding and helping yourself navigation according to your previous searches.

Temporary files that are used only while the user browses the page, also allow a personalized and optimized navigation.

11. Desabling Cookies:

11.1. The authorization of the use of cookies, granted by the user, can be disabled at any time, partially or completely, regardless of whether new caveat that this action may affect some features of the page.

12. Use of Cookies on Emaillings/Newsletters:

12.1. Our communications via e-mail, newsletters, may contain, for analysis of analytical data, parameters that allow us to control the opening rate and access to links present in them.

12.2. You always have the ability to disable subscribe to the service.