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Intellectual Property Policy

1. Affirmation of the Copyright Property:

1.1 Copyright and related rights resulting from the texts, commentaries, works, illustrations, works or shown images and logos, designs, images and source codes used for its programming and projects included in it, as well as trademarks, trade names and industrial designs contained on this site ( are the sole property of the Lawyers of the Grupo de Advogados Portugueses, hereinafter referred to GAP – Advogados, or a duly identified third parties, and all are protected by law.

1.2 The lawyers of GAP – Advogados are copyright owners in the selection, coordination, arrangement or highlight your content, as well as the original content itself of the Lawyers of GAP – Advogados.

1.3 You acknowledge their ownership rights and undertakes to refrain from engaging in any act which, under applicable law, in breach of the same.

2. Respect of Third Parties’ Rights:

2.1 The GAP – Advogados respect the intellectual property of third parties and asks that users to do the same.

3. Content Supplied:

3.1. The GAP – Advogados reserves the right at any time and without notice, withdraw the articles from your portal.

3.2. In supplied articles the Lawyers are the authors, those responsible for its scientific scope, timeliness and veracity.

4. Unauthorized Use and Effects:

4.1. The unauthorized actions of third parties who pretend to use the trademarks or similar, above-named, in any context and for any functionality, is for all purposes an infringement of the mark.

4.2. Thus, the unauthorized use of one or more of these works by third parties constituted a violation of the rules that protect copyright (Decree-Law No. 63/85, of 14 March).

5. Copyrights:

5.1. All rights relating to the information contained in our website, including the information, tools and the graphic design of the pages are reserved to the GAP – Advogados.

5.2. The GAP – Advogados also reserve the rights related to the information that can be obtained via this portal, except where otherwise noted expressly; It is not allowed to copy, collection, publication, distribution or reproduction of any information contained in this portal in whatever shape or form, without having obtained the prior written consent of Lawyers of GAP – Advogados or the owner concerned.

6. Permitted Use:

6.1. Any content or information of portal, can’t be reproduced in whole or in part, or may be leased or sold, unless there is prior consent of GAP – Advogados or external entities duly employed properly identified.

6.2. However, it’s allowed printing and data collection for strictly personal use.

6.3. Warning that the permission to access the portal can’t be confused with the granting of any license or right on it.

6.4. Nowhere published in the above-named website, can be understood as granting of any license or right to refer to any copyright, trademark or other intellectual property of the Lawyers of GAP – Advogados.

6.5. The use, acquisition or content storage, materials, functions and information made available on this site can only be done through the means and provided in the same portal. They are particularly prohibited without the prior written consent of the Lawyers of GAP – Advogados, or its individual authors, the partial removal of text and/or images and reproduction, in another context or integral, of the website in another unrelated website.

7. Updating Information:

7.1. The contents published can provide error or errors, despite the Lawyers of GAP – Advogados employ every effort to ensure that the information provided in the above-named portal are correct at the time of writing/ performing.

7.2. The GAP – Advogados doesn’t give explicit or implicit guarantee of the information provided, including all hyperlinks or any other item used either directly or indirectly on its portal.

7.3. The documents contained in the above-named portal can be changed at any time without notice.