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General Conditions of Use

We recommend a careful and attentive reading of these General Terms and Conditions before accessing and using the services of this website.

1. Function Of The General Conditions:

1.1. At present, the lawyers of the Group of Portuguese Lawyers, hereinafter referred to as GAP – Advogados describe the General Terms and Conditions for access to content and use of services and products we provide, on its website,

1.2. The users are advised to periodically reread the General Terms and Conditions of the portal in order to remain always informed of any changes that may occur.

2. Acceptance of General Conditions by the User:

2.1. The access to the website above-named, implies that you expressly consent to the Terms and Conditions herein.

2.2. The acceptance of the Terms and Conditions as well as any other document to which reference is made in this, it’s mandatory, without reservation and has binding character, so if the user doesn’t accept them can’t access to the portal to its facilities.

3. Role of the Information Provided:

3.1. The information provided on this website doesn’t constitute any advice or technical and legal recommendations on ways of action that are promoted by the user, so in any way exempt the use of the law professionals.

3.2. All information contained in this website is intended solely for private use, forbidding its use for commercial purposes.

3.3. All links, connections or banners with links that are properly identified and that the user can find the portal are autonomous content, the entire responsibility of the author/developer, and they are completely indicative and not binding in any way the Lawyers of the GAP – Advogados.

3.4. The contents, materialized in opinion articles and technical articles, are properly identified with author box. All other content that are embodied in articles belong to Lawyers of GAP – Advogados.

3.4.1. The contents presented doesn’t represent recommendations for concrete legal cases and don’t binding on the GAP – Advogados in the decisions that user can make with these based.

4. Modification of the General Conditions:

4.1. Is reserved for GAP – Advogados the right to change unilaterally the Terms and Conditions for the improvement and effectiveness of the portal whenever necessary and desirable to consider, without notice to users, in order to respond to legal requirements or operating changes. The new version becomes binding as soon as published on the website or when you come to the knowledge of the user.

4.2. Information and content available can be updated, or even withdrawn, temporarily or permanently, according to the option of Lawyers of GAP – Advogados.

5. Without Guarantee of Immunity:

While using and access to the website, the Lawyers of GAP – Advogados does not guarantee the full immunity of the portal above the hacker attacks and viruses or other intrusion software that are carried out by external entities with malicious intentions.

6. Responsibility for the available information:

6.1. The user assume all risks resulting from the use of information that have access to the above-named portal, being the solely responsible for all decisions taken on the basis there of.

6.2. The Lawyers of GAP – Advogados disclaim any liability for loss or damage or injury which may arise directly or indirectly from illegal use of their portal.

6.3. The Lawyers of GAP – Advogados employ every effort to ensure that the information provided in the above-named portal are correct at the time of writing/ performing, but safeguarding the material published may show errors or inaccuracies.

6.4. The Lawyers of GAP – Advogados don’t give any warranty on scientific information provided by third parties, including all hyperlinks or any other item used either directly or indirectly on its portal.

7. Disclosed Contents:

7.1. The portal and dependent platforms, the scientific information contained are from its author’s responsibility if properly identified, and the relevance, timeliness, truthfulness, credibility, reasoning and especially the topics of diagnosis and the recommended therapies are your exclusive responsibility.

7.2. The information disclosed in this area are not binding on the Lawyers of GAP – Advogados.

7.3. The query by the user of such scientific content never dispenses face legal consultation.

7.4. Moreover, the consultation of this content never dispenses a professional consultation from qualified area in decisions related to legal matters.

7.5. Accordingly, the Lawyers of GAP – Advogados are not responsible for any damages or losses that may arise from users’ choice at the advertised content.

8. Information Provided Value:

Any document that is not part of these Terms and Conditions including: catalogs, brochures, news, e- mails, newsletters, just have informative and not contractual value.

9. Links, Banners or other Third Party Platforms:

9.1. As for links, connections or banners that users can find on the site of GAP- Advogados, you should know that in this case will apply a different privacy policy applied by the Lawyers of GAP – Advogados and recommends that its careful reading.

9.2. At the same place it’s possible that use cookies or other technologies in order to collect data, and the Lawyers of GAP – Advogados are not responsible for the content of those pages for which the user is redirected.

10. Site Operation:

10.1. The Lawyers of GAP – Advogados does not guarantee that access to the portal don’t suffer interruptions or disruptions resulting from technical problems.

10.2. The Lawyers of GAP – Advogados assumes no liability for damage resulting from possible cases of impossibility, delay, suspension or interruption in access to the portal above.

10.3. However, for technical reasons, security, control or any good cause, the Lawyers of GAP – Advogados may modify or suspend the services provided in whole or in part.

10.4. The Lawyers of GAP – Advogados disclaims any liability for any direct or indirect damages, including lost profits which by the way resulting from any defects or viruses or malfunction of the equipment or the use of any software, as a result of access to this portal or the use thereof.

10.5. The Lawyers of GAP – Advogados disclaims any liability for direct or indirect damages, including lost profits, so as result of the operation or unavailability of this website, the incorrect use of it, the loss of data, the collection of any available software on this site and the third party claim related to the use of this portal.

11. Forums and other Users of the Sharing of Platforms:

The Lawyers of GAP – Advogados are not responsible for exchange of information between users through its portal. The published statements are the responsibility of those who perform.

12. Employees of Lawyers of the GAP – Advogados:

The hereunder liability provisions also apply to employees Lawyers of GAP – Advogados.